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Vox Media, NBCUniversal and Condé Nast Announce New, Unified Advertising Offering Reaching Over 200 Million Consumers

Today, Vox Media, Condé Nast, and NBCUniversal announced a new partnership to deliver an unprecedented, unified offering to advertisers. Condé Nast brings its industry-leading data capabilities — Spire — and digital audiences to partner with Vox Media and NBCUniversal’s Concert advertising platform, which will now reach over 200 million consumers and 99% of millennials in the U.S. across the three companies’ digital networks.

As Ad Age reported, “the pitch to the marketplace from these entertainment companies is that they can give advertisers the reach promised by some other digital platforms but in a safer environment where click fraud and ad viewability problems aren't running rampant.”

"When brand marketers choose Concert, they now gain access to the most trusted environment available in digital advertising today; the largest, most valuable audiences; and the best data insights from Condé Nast's Spire capabilities," said Jim Bankoff, CEO and Chairman of Vox Media. "The performance of video content distributed through Concert is unparalleled, visually stunning, and in the context of dozens of the most trusted, authoritative media brands."

To learn more about the new partnership and Concert, visit