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Dispatches from Cannes Lions

Relive Vox Media’s Magical Feast Under the Stars

This year at Vox Media’s annual Cannes dinner, A Magical Feast Under the Stars, we encouraged guests to go beyond the shallow conversations we might fall victim in at the Cannes party scene and embrace a deeper, more meaningful experience.

Depth is at the heart of what we do. In an industry stuck scaling thin, we are the only modern media company that has built an iconic house of brands by going deeper, super-serving people obsessed with food, sports, technology, culture, current events and the world around them.

With dinner and dancing provided by London’s The Clove Club (an Essential Eater restaurant), a conversation with Marc Pritchard, Chief Brand Officer at Procter & Gamble and Liz Milonopoulos, Managing Director at Goldman Sachs, and a toast from Vox Media’s CEO and Chairman, Jim Bankoff, we asked guests as they dined under the stars: if you aren't going deep, where are you going?

And while your thoughts are still in the French Riviera, catch up on Jim Bankoff’s latest appearances from Cannes, where he discussed the future of advertising and building strong brands on the Digiday Podcast, CNBC, and in a personal note to the industry.

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