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Vox nominated for 4 Emmys

Here’s some exciting news: Vox has been nominated for 4 News and Documentary Emmys. The nominations were announced today by the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, and mark Vox’s first Emmy nominations.

Estelle Caswell’s Vox Pop series was nominated twice, for “Outstanding Arts, Culture and Entertainment Report” and for “Outstanding Graphic Design and Art Direction.” Johnny Harris’s piece “What Rio doesn’t want the world to see” was nominated for “Outstanding News Special.” And Joshua Seftel and Seftel Productions’ “Secret Life of Muslims” series was nominated for “Outstanding Short Documentary.” Vox editor Joss Fong, animator Gina Barton and executive producer Joe Posner were also credited in the nominations.

Vox Docs: 2016 Olympics: What Rio Doesn’t Want the World to See

“At Vox, excellent, innovative, and passionate work thrives – awards or not,” said Posner. “These nominations are a testament to the talents of the entire Vox team – our editors, writers, producers, researchers – who are truly unlike any other group of journalists and creators out there.”

“Vox’s video programming proves that audiences are hungry for world class journalism video across any platform,” said Melissa Bell, Vox Media’s Publisher. “Vox’s videos are deep and beautiful, thoughtfully crafted and wildly entertaining. They are setting the standard for the entire industry.”

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Watch all of Vox’s videos on Vox’s website, Facebook, and YouTube, and be sure to catch the premiere of season two of the now Emmy-nominated series Vox Pop on August 4.

To align your brand with an Emmy-nominated video series and team of creators, contact Vox Media here.