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Watch: Hillary Clinton explains What Happened

Clinton sat down with Vox’s Ezra Klein to talk about her new book and what comes next

On Tuesday, Hillary Clinton joined Vox founder and editor in chief Ezra Klein in Vox Media’s New York City studio to talk about Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders, and what she says should have happened in 2016. Klein’s is the first hour-long interview Clinton has granted a journalist about her new book.

Klein, who also interviewed Clinton on the campaign trail last year, said the 2016 Democratic nominee was “as quick and confident” as he’s ever seen her in their discussion.

“She says plenty that can, and will, offend,” writes Klein. “In our discussion, she lit into Bernie Sanders’s single-payer plan, warned that Donald Trump is dragging us down an authoritarian path, spoke openly of the role racism and white resentment played in the campaign, and argued that the outcome of the 2016 election represented a failure of the media above all.”

What Hillary Clinton really thinks

Klein is no stranger to sitting down with some of Washington’s most influential names. In 2016, he interviewed President Obama from the White House about Obamacare’s legacy, and both Bernie Sanders and President Obama sat down with Klein for interviews in 2015.

Klein's interview with Clinton was featured in the New York Times, Washington Post, Vanity Fair, and Business Insider, among other publications.

Their full conversation is available to watch on, Facebook, and YouTube, and listen to via The Ezra Klein Show.