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SB Nation & Verizon’s go90 Team Up to Produce New Original True-Crime Sports Anthology

Produced by Vox Entertainment, the new investigative video docu-series, Foul Play, will debut later this year

Today, we’re thrilled to announce that SB Nation and go90, Verizon’s free online and mobile video streaming platform, have partnered to produce Foul Play, an original true-crime sports anthology. Each of the documentary-style episodes will go deep into the shadowy underbelly of sports, each exploring an untold story of the sports world’s most incredible scandals, crimes, heists, and falls from grace and re-telling the facts of these cases through every surprising and entertaining twist and turn.

The new show is produced by Vox Entertainment, Vox Media’s Los Angeles-based development, production, and distribution division, and is slated to premiere exclusively on go90 later this year. Exclusive clips and additional extended content will be available on SB Nation.

“Foul Play is a great extension of the SB Nation brand and will showcase SB Nation’s great storytelling talents, as well as Vox Entertainment’s expertise in developing, producing and distributing truly innovative, top-quality programming across many existing and emerging platforms,” said Chad Mumm, VP, Vox Entertainment. “go90 made for the perfect platform to debut this series.”

As Vox Media president Marty Moe told Variety, Vox Media will integrate promotion and tune-in of that content across all of its platforms. “We’ll be able to tell our SB Nation audience in organic and very repetitive ways, ‘Here’s a show on go90 we know you’re going to love, because it comes from us.'”