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Vox Launches New Section, Future Perfect

The new section covers effective altruism and is in partnership with The Rockefeller Foundation

Today we’re thrilled to announce that Vox, the news brand of Vox Media, has launched a new section, Future Perfect, that will cover the world through the lens of effective altruism. The new section, made possible in partnership with The Rockefeller Foundation, will examine the big, complicated problems facing the world and the most efficient ways to solve them.

Led by Senior Correspondent Dylan Matthews and Editor Elbert Ventura, Future Perfect topic areas will include:

  • Global poverty and global health, including immigration and labor mobility as a tool for poverty reduction
  • Animal welfare, particularly the welfare of animals in large factory farms
  • Health sciences relevant to human welfare (with a special focus on drug development and new fields like synthetic biology)
  • Global catastrophic risks that pose a serious threat of mass casualties (including both natural and synthetic pandemics, nuclear war, climate change and geoengineering, unregulated artificial intelligence, etc.).

“There’s no question in the world more important than how to reduce suffering, for the most beings, at the least cost,” said Ezra Klein, Editor-at-Large, Vox. “With Future Perfect, our goal is to cover and think critically about the world’s most pressing and under-covered problems through the lens of evidence and solutions.”

Launch day stories include an interview with Bill Gates from Ezra Klein.

The new section is accompanied by a weekly podcast - Future Perfect - hosted by Dylan Matthews, and a twice weekly newsletter. Subscribe to the podcast here and sign-up for the newsletter here.

Read more about Future Perfect in Fast Company and Nieman Lab.