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Vox and Vox Media Podcast Network Launch Season 2 of ‘The Impact’ Podcast

Hosted by Vox Senior Policy Correspondent Sarah Kliff, programming starts Nov. 2 with 8 episodes chronicling the most interesting policy experiments in America

Today, Vox and the Vox Media Podcast Network are thrilled to kick off the second season of “The Impact”, Vox’s weekly reported podcast on how policy affects people, with the season’s official trailer. Hosted by Vox Senior Policy Correspondent Sarah Kliff, the second season of “The Impact” will broaden its focus to look at the most interesting policy experiments in America – examining states, countries, cities or even companies that decided to test out a new policy, and what happened next.

Listeners can subscribe via Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher and wherever listeners enjoy podcasts.

“We’re going to treat these places as the real laboratories of democracy,” said Sarah Kliff. “Unlike our gridlocked Congress, local governments are constantly implementing new policy. We want to tell the story of how those policies change lives – how they could change all of our lives, if they take hold in a big way.”

“The Impact” will post new episodes each Friday, beginning November 2, with its first episode “Democracy Vouchers in Seattle”, in collaboration with Planet Money, taking a look at what happened when the city of Seattle gave free money to half a million voters.

Other topics explored on season two of “The Impact” include:

  • Infant mortality in South Carolina
  • Immigration attorneys in Oakland
  • Food policy buffet: soda taxes in Chicago and food deserts in New York City
  • Education and equality in Vermont
  • Housing and opportunity in (and out of) Baltimore
  • Urbanization -- and de-urbanization -- in Memphis
  • Parental leave in Denmark

Sarah Kliff is one of the country’s leading policy journalists. Her work focuses on making complex policy topics easily understandable — and showing what they mean for the people whose lives are affected by them. At Vox, she is the creator and the host of “The Impact” as well as a co-host of “The Weeds” with Ezra Klein and Matt Yglesias.