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Vox Media Podcast Network Launches Function With Anil Dash

The new podcast, published weekly on Mondays, explores the ways technology changes our culture through interviews with developers, designers, and other creative makers

The Vox Media Podcast Network is thrilled to launch a new podcast first previewed in our fall slate: Function With Anil Dash. The podcast, hosted by entrepreneur, activist and writer Anil Dash, explores the ways that technology changes our culture through interviews with the developers behind some of the world’s best-known apps, games and online services.

The first episode, which is available now, asks ‘What Does Epic Games Owe the Artists Who Inspire Fortnite Emotes?’. The conversation includes guests Ty Robinson, a former game animator for Konami’s Dance Dance Revolution, and Brooklyn rapper 2 Milly, who discusses the uncredited use of his dance, the Milly Rock, in Fortnite.

Audiences can listen and subscribe to Function with Anil Dash on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, and wherever listeners enjoy podcasts. New episodes will be available each Monday.

Anil Dash is a world-renowned technology expert and the CEO of Glitch. From the Obama White House to the Lower Eastside Girls Club, he’s spent decades advising people on the ways tech can transform government, society, and culture. On Function, he’ll bring those conversations to you, offering insight into the way makers think, users act, and communities shift with new technologies and products.

“A podcast hosted by Anil Dash is long overdue,” said Nishat Kurwa, Vox Media’s Executive Producer of Audio. “As a thought leader with deep connections in the tech industry, Anil is already at the forefront of conversations about how to make tech more ethical and inclusive. On Function, audiences get to hear Anil’s perspective on these issues in fascinating exchanges with the developers who are creating some of the world’s most influential technologies.”

In addition to Fortnite dance emotes, the series will also explore topics including:

  • Why celebrities and other public figures use screenshots of Apple Notes on social media
  • Why you can watch a GIF of a movie for free without getting into any legal trouble
  • Why today’s voting infrastructure is insecure, and what we can do to fix it
  • Why we can’t edit our tweets, and why we ought to be able to
  • How music production and collaboration happens today
  • What is shadow-banning? How does it work and what’s its impact?
  • How finance apps change the way people think about money (two-part episode)