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MSNBC & Vox Media’s Recode Present “Revolution: Salesforce Changing The World” CEO Marc Benioff In Conversation With Kara Swisher

Special Airs Sunday, November 18th at 10:00pm ET on MSNBC

MSNBC and Vox Media’s Recode are thrilled to announce “Revolution: Salesforce Changing the World” featuring Salesforce founder, chairman and co-CEO Marc Benioff in conversation with Recode’s Kara Swisher and premiering Sunday, November 18th at 10:00pm ET on MSNBC. The one-hour special features Benioff and Swisher on the top floor of Salesforce Tower, the tallest building in San Francisco.

“Revolution: Salesforce Changing the World” will dive into Salesforce’s multi-billion dollar empire; the inspiration behind Salesforce Tower; Benioff’s unique background and how it has influenced the culture at Salesforce; his decision to invest in TIME Magazine; his involvement in political issues such as the San Francisco homeless tax; the creation of the Pledge 1% corporate philanthropy movement and his other charitable work focused on education and healthcare; and more.

The “Revolution” series from MSNBC and Recode features townhall-style conversations examining the impact of technology on many aspects of the world today including business, politics, science, health, jobs, climate, culture, education and more. The series includes one-on-one interviews and panel discussions with a range of thought leaders from corporate executives, entrepreneurs and venture capitalists to journalists, government officials and academics. Previous episodes of the “Revolution” series have included interviews with YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki, Google CEO Sundar Pichai, and Apple CEO Tim Cook.

“Revolution” airs as specials on MSNBC, with additional coverage and videos available on and, as well as on Recode and Vox Media’s The Verge.

Kara Swisher is the co-founder and editor at large of Recode, contributing opinion writer at the New York Times, host of the Recode/Decode and Pivot podcasts and co-executive producer of the Code Conference. In addition to hosting “Revolution,” Swisher is a MSNBC contributor, covering the biggest names in technology for the cable network.

“Revolution: Salesforce Changing The World” premieres Sunday, November 18th at 10:00pm ET on MSNBC. Join the conversation on Twitter using the hashtag #RevolutionSF.