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The McElroy Family Launches Site on Chorus

TheMcElroy.Family is live today, along with new season of Polygon’s ‘Monster Factory’

Today, we are pleased to welcome The McElroy Family to our Chorus platform. Check out their beautiful, brand spankin’ new site here.

As friends of Vox Media, brothers Justin, Travis and Griffin McElroy are consolidating their projects from all corners of the Internet to one destination through a new Chorus publisher partnership. This one-stop shop will bring you all the McElroy projects, announcements, tour information and more at one cozy, website home.

The McElroys are the latest publisher to launch on Vox Media’s Chorus platform. Chorus officially opened up as a SaaS platform to select, premium publishers earlier this year. Those publishers include The Ringer, Funny Or Die, and soon-to-launch next year on Chorus, the Chicago Sun-Times. All of Vox Media’s editorial networks continue to be powered by Chorus.

”After nearly a decade of scattering our various creative outings to the winds, hoping that they’ll intertwine in the ether to become some kind of cohesive content strategy, we’ve realized that, no, that’s not how anything works,” said Griffin McElroy. “Channeling the raw, furious power of Vox Media and Chorus, we’ve built a place where all of our stuff — new episodes of our shows on Maximum Fun and elsewhere, new videos, tour announcements, merch listings, what have you — can now be found in a single, functional, beautiful place. Is this a novel concept? No! Is it long overdue? Yes! Is Chorus the best imaginable platform for us to use to catch up to the rest of the internet? Absolutely!”

The McElroy Family site will be part of Concert, Vox Media’s publisher-led marketplace, which enables advertisers to run across the site in a brand-safe environment. All Chorus publishers are eligible to join the Concert marketplace and reach 99% of millennials online and 15 million people each day.

”We are really excited to welcome The McElroys onto Chorus,” said Trei Brundrett, Chief Operations Officer of Vox Media. “Today, they are kicking off the next season of Monster Factory in partnership with Polygon and using Chorus to bring The McElroy Family brand to life. Their creativity and humor shows in all of their incredibly popular videos, podcasts, tweets and t-shirts – and you never know what else is coming next. Chorus is intended for creators, and we know The McElroys will test every creative direction under the sun. We can’t wait.”

To read more about The McElroy’s on Chorus, check out this exclusive interview on Vox Media’s product blog.