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SB Nation Announces Its First-Ever OTT Investigative Docuseries “Foul Play: Paid in Mississippi”

Four-part Series Examining an NCAA College Football Scandal in Mississippi to Stream on Verizon beginning May 30th

Today, Vox Media’s SB Nation premiered its first-ever OTT production, Foul Play: Paid in Mississippi on Verizon’s go90 platform. The new docuseries takes a clear-eyed look at the shadowy economy that fuels southern college football over four, 25-minute episodes.

Watch the trailer for the Foul Play: Paid in Mississippi series here.

“This is an exciting moment for SB Nation as we expand our award-winning journalism into different platforms,” said Elena Bergeron, SB Nation Editor-In-Chief. “Foul Play exemplifies SB Nation’s focus on innovative sports journalism and furthers our mission to tell stories as only we can -- connecting the dots between fans, athletes and policies without sanctimony.”

In the Foul Play series, SB Nation senior reporter Steven Godfrey investigates how brokering for highly-touted recruits triggered an explosive NCAA scandal that led to a renowned coach being fired and inflamed a bitter rivalry, catching NFL hopefuls in the crosshairs. Godfrey’s reporting goes inside the war between Ole Miss and Mississippi State and emerges with a portrait of the inherent injustices of NCAA sports.

”Foul Play is the culmination of five years of clandestine meetings and record-combing to document how and why college football players are paid in the South and what happens when the NCAA tries to stop it,” said Steven Godfrey, SB Nation senior reporter. “It was an enormous undertaking and I think college sports fans -- even diehards -- will be surprised by what we uncovered. I know I was.”

  • Episode 1: The Pro
  • Episode 2: The Recruit
  • Episode 3: The Coach
  • Episode 4: The Bagman

All four episodes are available now on Verizon’s go90.