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Vox Media and Ford Build, From the Ground Up, the “Home of the Future”

A collaboration with Curbed and The Verge, the original activation reinvents the daily integration of smart tech, both at home and on the go

The homes and the cars of the future will be technological feats unto themselves, and all of them will be seamlessly connected in a way that transforms the way we live. To bring this idea to life, we built a house.

No really, we did.

Designed, developed and built from the ground up over four months, we partnered with the Ford F-150 to make the vision for “Home of the Future” a reality.

Home of the Future showcases the most advanced innovations in design, construction, and smart technology. It is a reflection of the increasingly prominent role tech plays in making life at home more frictionless, efficient, and productive.

Home of the Future was crafted as an innovative modular home with smart technology, design and features. The model is the Luna design created in partnership with Ma Modular. Stationed in Austin, Texas, 300+ attendees were welcomed to join on-site experiences.

Some of these Home of the Future experiences included:

  • Debut of Eater Austin favorite Dylan Taylor’s BBQ inspired restaurant
  • Editorial panel on the Austin architecture scene, prefabs and smart home tech with: Dieter Bohn, executive editor of The Verge; Dan Seifert, senior editor of The Verge; Cindy Widner, Austin editor of Curbed; Chris Krager, Ma Modular; Matt Hawkey, Smarter Homes
  • Music spotlights with Bob Schneider and a remix workshop where attendees mixed samples of audio inspired by the sounds of the technology throughout the Home of the Future
  • The Ultimate Grill Hack hands on demo with Eater Young Gun Chef Ryan LaChaine and The Verge contributor Christine Sunu debuting infrared spatulas made to help perfect your surf and turf
  • Ford F-150 experience with sweepstakes (165+ interactions/entries) offering guests a chance to win a Nest IQ camera, video doorbell and photography by Chase Daniel, architecture photographer (featured on Curbed)
  • Guest experienced the SubPac Relaxation Room: an immersive audio and wearable technology experience.

The experiential launch kicked off with the first branded content DIY video and this Home of the Future teaser on The Verge Facebook. This week (June 25 - 29), the HOTF will host 24 hour stays with influencers Chase Daniel (@thevuvobandit), Architecture photographer and Matt Risinger (@MattRisinger & @risingerbuild), Austin Builder. More DIY videos and the edit series will follow.

We’re thrilled to have partnered with Ford and bring Curbed and The Verge together as we never have before.