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Vox Media and the American Enterprise Institute Partner to Release New Podcast, The Arthur Brooks Show

New weekly podcast explores the art of disagreement, against the backdrop of a toxic political climate.

Today, The Vox Media Podcast Network and the American Enterprise Institute were thrilled to announce a new partnership to produce an 8-week seasonal podcast titled The Arthur Brooks Show. The podcast, hosted by Arthur Brooks, President of AEI, will publish each Thursday morning beginning July 12th and will explore the art of disagreement against the backdrop of a toxic political climate.

Listen to the trailer for The Arthur Brooks Show here, and subscribe to the show for future episodes here. More information about the podcast can be found here.

The Arthur Brooks Show is produced in partnership with The Vox Media Podcast Network. Arthur is a bestselling author, economist, and the president of the AEI. He works with top scholars, policymakers, elected officials, and business leaders to improve public policy for human welfare both at home and abroad.

The premiere episode of The Arthur Brooks Show on July 12 will delve into disagreements among family and friends, how we navigate substantive disagreements - political or otherwise - with those closest to us, and how we hold a discourse without sweeping differences under the rug or burning bridges.

Future episodes will address related contexts, including discourse on social media, college campuses, and local communities.. Each episode will unpack ways of dealing with differences of opinion in personal relationships: a primer for dealing with conflict at the next family gathering, and an inspiring story of two friends whose relationship survived their politics.