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Chorus Platform Officially Open to Premium Digital Publishers

Powering Vox Media for the last 10+ years, Chorus licensing is officially open for business

Today, Vox Media is pleased to announce that we are officially opening our Chorus publishing platform to other premium digital publishers and studio partners.

Chorus, which you can follow on Twitter @Chorus, is the platform Vox Media developed more than ten years ago to build and grow strong digital media brands. It now powers more than 350 brands, including large, complex brands like Vox Media’s SB Nation, Vox, and Eater, serving as the best-in-class platform for content management, data-informed multi-platform content distribution, integrated advertising, and a suite of publishing tools.

“Chorus is the backbone of Vox Media, an innovative platform we’ve rapidly evolved as the digital media industry matured,” said Trei Brundrett, Chief Operating Officer, Vox Media. “We built Chorus to address the challenges and opportunities we encountered, and now we’re excited to partner with other leading content companies who want to prioritize quality storytelling, grow audiences, and expand their businesses.”

Photo by James Bareham / Vox Media

Vox Media is currently partnering with two premium brands -- The Ringer and Funny Or Die -- to access the benefits of Chorus, and plans to welcome more partners across media, journalism and entertainment.

Learn more about the benefits Chorus brings to digital publishers, and request a demo here, and be sure to follow @Chorus for updates. You can read more about about Vox Media’s decision to offer Chorus to select partners in the Wall Street Journal.