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Vox Media Taps Hetal Patel as Head of Sales Research & Insights

The new role signifies Vox Media’s continued commitment to being a data-first and disruptive company, strengthening expansive offering to marketers and advertisers

Today, we’re thrilled to announce that Hetal Patel has joined the Vox Media family as our first Head of Sales Research & Insights to lead our research and performance practice.

Hetal is reporting into Ryan Pauley, SVP Business Operations & Strategy, who was just promoted from Vice President, Revenue Operations & GM, Concert (Vox Media’s publisher-led marketplace).

“Our recent conversations with CMOs have been primarily focused on how we marry audience and content solutions with consumer data to deliver results marketers care about,“ says Ryan Pauley. “We need to continue to exceed marketer expectations and I’m confident that Hetal will bring her expertise, rigor, and enthusiasm to accelerate our ability to deliver for our partners.”

As Head of Sales Research & Insights, Hetal is responsible for guiding Vox Media’s revenue department to deeply understand its audiences and advertising solutions, by finding actionable and strategic insights. Hetal is leading a growing team of analysts to support Vox Media’s go-to-market strategy in proving the company’s capabilities to advertisers in working toward their goals.

Joining most recently from iHeartMedia, Hetal has a wealth of experience helping advertisers and brands make insightful and data-rich connections between products, consumers and advertising. Bringing in her experience signifies Vox Media’s commitment to being a data-first and disruptive company, continuing to strengthen its ever-expanding offering to marketers and advertisers.

“Storytelling is an art and a science,” says Hetal Patel. “Finding the right balance between nice-to-have and need-to-have data is extremely critical in this age of information overload. I like to build my stories on finding the golden nuggets of data that are not only interesting, but are also actually valuable and impactful for a brand. Here at Vox Media, we have no dearth of data but, data on it’s own doesn’t help define strategy for your business. You have to have a vision for how to use that data and that’s what I plan to do,” Hetal concluded.