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Switched on Pop joins Vox and the Vox Media Podcast Network

The popular music podcast will relaunch as Vox’s weekly music show next month

Today, we’re happy to announce that Switched on Pop, the popular music podcast, is joining Vox and the Vox Media Podcast Network. Vox will produce the show with hosts Charlie Harding and Nate Sloan. Next month, the show will officially re-launch as Vox’s first music-focused podcast – publishing weekly, with a new design.

”Charlie and Nate have built a wildly popular show that helps music fans understand why they love their favorite songs,” said Vox’s senior audio producer Jillian Weinberger, who will be collaborating with Charlie and Nate on the show. “Their fans are strong and loyal and we are excited to share this podcast with the wider Vox audience.”

Switched on Pop, which recently published its 100th episode, reveals the secret formulas that make pop songs so infectious. Musicologist Nate Sloan and songwriter Charlie Harding pull back the curtain on how pop hits work their magic. Listeners fall in love with songs they didn’t even know they liked.

Charlie Harding (left) and Nate Sloan (right)

“Vox is the ideal partner for Switched on Pop. Their explainer format has influenced the show since we started publishing four years ago,” said a Charlie Harding. “Together we’ll continue our deep musical inquiries that give listeners those “a-ha!” moment in their favorite songs. With Vox, we’ll be able to publish more frequently with more guests including pop’s best performers, songwriters, producers and journalists.”

“Vox is the ideal partner for Switched on Pop.” – Charlie Harding

Audiences can listen to Switched on Pop today wherever they enjoy their podcasts, and they can subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, and other podcast listening apps for free so that they never miss an episode. First-time listeners are encouraged to start with their deep dives covering Ariana Grande, Kendrick Lamar, Camila Cabello, and Janelle Monae (feat. Lizzo).

Vox now produces eight podcasts, covering the news (Today, Explained), policy (The Weeds, The Impact), foreign affairs (Worldly), big ideas (The Ezra Klein Show), effective altruism (Future Perfect), and culture (Switched on Pop).

The Vox Media Podcast Network is home to award-winning audio journalism and entertainment featuring industry-leading voices and storytellers from our editorial networks and beyond. With a portfolio of more than 60 active shows from Vox, Recode, SB Nation, and more, our non-fiction programming spans a variety of genres, topics, and formats – reaching tens of millions of smart, curious listeners around the world each month.

Switched on Pop is available for sponsorships exclusively via Vox Media’s sales team (