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The Verge Publishes Special ‘Creators Issue’

For the entire week of April 1, 2019, The Verge will explore the world of creators as they invent new ways of using platforms and tools.

Today, The Verge — the technology brand for the next generation — is thrilled to introduce “The Creators Issue:” a special issue publishing throughout the week of April 1 that will examine the exciting, complex world of creators as they invent new ways of using their social media platforms and tools.

Following the successful launch of Verge Special Issues in 2018, including the audience-favorite “The Battery Issue,” The Creators Issue will illuminate the world of a new generation of entrepreneurs who are changing pop culture, as well as the platforms that enable (and exploit) them.

The first stories, including a profile on YouTuber Coyote Peterson and an interview with Nathan Pyle about his viral “Strange Planet” comics are live on The Verge today, with additional features, interviews, and more publishing throughout the week.

“The rise of creators is the explosive result of technology colliding with culture — cheap digital tools and massive social platforms have created a generation of media entrepreneurs who are more influential than anyone ever dreamed,” said Editor-in-Chief Nilay Patel. “We’re going to illuminate the promise and peril of that world, from the thrill of finding an audience to the realities of being beholden to huge platform companies.”

The future of pop culture isn’t happening on TV screens — it’s being constantly reinvented by creators and influencers who’ve harnessed digital technology and the power of social platforms to reach audiences like never before. YouTubers, Instagrammers, SoundCloud artists, Kickstarter startups — we now live in a world where passion and the ability to connect with an audience are all it takes to build a business, and The Verge was made to cover the explosive rise of creators as technology and culture collide.

“Great creators are really what’s behind our favorite Internet platforms,” said Creators Issue Editor Jake Kastrenakes. “And to understand how platforms like YouTube and Instagram are changing, you need to talk to the people who are actually using them. The Creators Issue is about having that conversation.”

The Creators Issue will include:

  • High-touch features on YouTube, Instagram, top creators, and more
  • The debut of a new video series: In The Making, with Ashley Carman. In The Making will profile independent hardware creators to tell the story of how they bring their gadgets to market
  • In-depth interviews with top creators
  • Reporting on creator-focused challenges, from the ethics of psychology on YouTube, to how influencers manage their finances
  • How-tos for new and upcoming creators, from self-publishing novels to making viral TikTok videos

“The Creators Issue kicks off The Verge’s expanding coverage of the people who make our favorite things on the web, and the platforms that enable — and exploit — them,” said Features Editor Kevin Nguyen. “It’s our opportunity to explore the stunning amount of creativity and imagination on the internet, and to see what the future of it looks like.”