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Vox Media Podcast Network Spring 2019 Slate

Two new shows – and two new seasons of fan-favorite shows – from Vox, Curbed, and The Verge

The Vox Media Podcast Network is thrilled to present a slate of new shows, and new seasons of fan-favorite shows, produced in partnership with Vox, Curbed, and The Verge that are available for audiences to listen and subscribe to for free today.

Nice Try! Utopian

The perpetual search for the perfect place

What’s a perfect place? And how do we get there? There have been countless attempts to define and realize a perfect place, and with them, countless almosts, close calls, and abject misses. In the first season of Nice Try!, titled Utopian, host Avery Trufelman (@trufelman) reexamines some of history’s most fascinating attempts to build more perfect communities, including the capital city for a newly democratic India, an integrated midcentury suburb outside Philadelphia, and a self-sustaining closed ecosystem in the Arizona desert.

Listen to the first episode about Jamestown today on Apple Podcasts and subscribe for free in your favorite podcast app to automatically receive new episodes.

Learn more about Nice Try! Utopian and Avery Trufelman on our newsroom.


How TV affects and reflects our culture

Dig into the hidden history of television with Vox’s critic-at-large, Todd VanDerWerff (@tvoti). Each season, we explore the tragic, comedic, and occasionally world-changing stories that have marked a medium that’s dominated the global conversation for the last 75 years. First up: TV’s relationship with the presidency, featuring deep dives into The West Wing, 24, Veep, and more

Listen to one of the first three episodes about The West Wing, 24’s twisted relationship with the war on terror, and the fictional presidencies of Hillary Clinton today on Apple Podcasts and subscribe for free in your favorite podcast app to get new episodes automatically.

Learn more about Primetime by Vox on our newsroom.

Why’d You Push That Button? (Season 4)

Confronting the choices that technology forces us to make

Ashley Carman (@ashleyrcarman) of The Verge and Kaitlyn Tiffany (@kait_tiffany) of The Goods by Vox ask real people the hard, meta, and occasionally silly questions about the way technology influences our thinking, changes our behavior, and affects our social lives. This seasons, they’re asking questions about the way we text, tweet, and treat each other online. And, on Wednesday, June 12th, we’ll air the first of a three-part mini-series about the way we interface with death online.

Listen to the first episode about green vs. blue message bubbles on iMessage today on Apple Podcasts and subscribe for free in your favorite podcast app to get new episodes automatically.

Future Perfect (Season 2)

Finding the most effective ways to do the most good

Explore provocative ideas with the potential to radically improve the world. Vox’s Dylan Matthews (@dylanmatt) tackles big questions about the most effective ways to create a more perfect future. This season, we’re digging into the ways that philanthropy clashes with democracy – with stories about big donors, the power they wield, and the ways that their giving shapes our lives.

Listen to the first episode about the new Gilded Age today on Apple Podcasts and subscribe for free in your favorite podcast app to get new episodes automatically.

These new seasonal shows accompany our roster of category-leading podcasts from our editorial networks and partners, including Today, Explained, The Ezra Klein Show, The Weeds, The Vergecast, Recode Decode with Kara Swisher, Switched on Pop, The Polygon Show, and The Eater Upsell.

With these new shows, the Vox Media Podcast Network represents over 100 active podcasts, making it one of the largest, fastest-growing, and most topically-diverse collections of high-quality podcasts in the world. From news and technology to entertainment and sports, our network has a show featuring expert voices for every passion.

Advertisers interested in connecting to audiences through these new shows, and millions of other listeners across our network, with engaging, brand-safe reads or segments can reach our sales team directly at For more information about the power of podcast advertising, please visit our podcast website.

We hope you enjoy these new shows and seasons! Let us know what you think by tweeting at @voxmediapods or by sending an email to If you like what you hear, it helps to leave a five-star rating and review on Apple Podcasts.