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The Verge, Vox Media’s Trusted Voice in Technology, Will Again Lead Millions to Deals They Should Be Paying Attention to on Amazon Prime Day

Additional authoritative brands including Polygon, Curbed and Eater will help audiences shop smarter across lifestyle and technology

Throughout the year, millions of readers visit Vox Media’s networks to make informed shopping decisions across technology, lifestyle, entertainment, food and more -- spending time browsing The Verge’s Guidebook or Polygon’s Deal Columns. According to audience surveys conducted by Vox Media, 75% of The Verge’s audience have purchased a product recommended by the editorial team and 76% of Eater’s audience finds things the network recommends to buy as different and interesting.

Amazon Prime Day is no different.

Over the next two days, consumers from all over the world will visit Amazon for exclusive mega deals across nearly every category. For weeks, our network leads have worked directly with our Insights & Innovation team to gather audience insights into shopper behavior and similar to any day of the year, our team at Vox Media is committed to helping our deeply engaged audiences, across a wide range of verticals, shop smarter and faster.

We spoke with editors of each network to learn more about their commerce strategies this Prime Day, how they are best serving their trusted audiences across lifestyle and technology -- and what deals they are looking forward to most:

The Verge, the most authoritative consumer technology network, known for its wildly popular Guidebook strategy for deals all year long will be looking out for what deals are really worth paying attention to, pulling from the thousands of deals from the e-commerce giant we will see pop up.

”Prime Day can be overwhelming, with countless deals flying by with different time windows and in limited quantities. This year will be doubly chaotic, since Amazon is stretching out the sales over two full days. The Verge’s Guidebook strategy remains the same, though: we’re going to tell our audience about the deals they should jump on because they actually matter, and ignore the ones that aren’t good deals at all. We expect some steep discounts on Amazon’s own products, such as Echo speakers or Kindle e-readers, and deals to be found on TVs, headphones, smartphones, and other gadgets. For many products, we won’t see better prices until the holiday shopping season goes into full swing after Black Friday.” - Dan Seifert, Senior Editor at The Verge

Over the last year, Polygon, Vox Media’s next-generation entertainment network,has grown it’s weekly Polygon Deals column into the industry resource for the best deals in gaming and entertainment.

”On Amazon Prime Day, Polygon’s deals experts will be on hand to do what we do every day — help our readers find the best discounts on the things they care about.” - Emily Heller, Commerce Editor at Polygon

Curbed, the network dedicated to covering the whole process of creating a home, is focusing on helping readers find breakout deals on furniture, home tech, decor and appliances. Here’s Curbed’s explainer on Prime Day, as well as an early look at deals.

“We will plan to share the biggest Prime Day stories throughout the entire Curbed social network, building custom assets for Instagram Stories and Twitter threads, and further amplifying Prime Day content via our newsletters and partners. We’ll also be eyeing All-Clad, Dyson, and Amazon’s Stone & Beam / Rivet furniture lines. But expect to see one-off, first-person takes on the [drumroll] Instant Pot, of course.” - Mariam Aldhani, Managing Editor at Curbed

Eater, Vox Media’s lifestyle network and the most trusted voice in the food and dining world, will be the go-to place to check out the deals on kitchen gadgets and tools, cookbooks and -- actual food.

”We can expect to see Amazon continue its foray into groceries, with its own “Pantry” brands and Whole Foods, by sharing exclusive Prime Day deals with real food. Some other sales to watch for: deals on the covetable Vitamix blenders and on All-Clad pots and pans.” - Ellie Krupnick, Managing Editor at Eater

Happy shopping everyone!