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POPSUGAR Rebrands Latinx Vertical to Become Juntos

Juntos will seamlessly weave Latinx content throughout POPSUGAR, with a modern and culture-first approach

Last week, POPSUGAR, the no. 1 most-engaged with women’s lifestyle site in the U.S. (source: ComScore, November 2021), announced the re-launch of its Latinx vertical, now called Juntos, which translates to “together” in English. Juntos aspires to make room for every member of the Latinx community to explore and celebrate unique, intersectional identities.

Juntos will serve as a go-to source for POPSUGAR’s Latinx community to have culturally-relevant conversations and read stories ranging from entertainment nostalgia to financial literacy and monthly tarot readings. Juntos content will be seamlessly integrated throughout POPSUGAR’s sites and social channels, creating a digital destination where Latinx culture, pride, myriad intersectional identities, and joy are celebrated together.

Juntos will re-launch with new editorial franchises including, Tell Me Más, Culture y Recuerdos, Beauty Rituales, Bruja Tarotscope, Jefa My Way and Style Raíces- serving as dedicated cores to share editorial content celebrating intersectional identities, corresponding social activations, and interviews with celebrities like Melissa Barrera (In the Heights) and more.

“The community is at a crossroads with how we identify. Some prefer Latina, or Latinx, or Latine. Others choose not to use Latinidad as an identifier. Some identify as women or femme; others embrace nonbinary identities,” said Johanna Ferreira, Content Director of POPSUGAR Juntos. “This cultural renaissance challenged our editorial team to look inward when it comes to identity and inclusion. And we’ve decided to do that together. Juntos acknowledges the strength in our collective culture and also makes room for individuality and innovation.”

“According to the 2020 Census, over 33% of the 62 million Latinx living in the US identified as multiracial,” said Sylvia Banderas Coffinet, GM, marketing equity & inclusion partnerships at Vox Media, a new practice within the company following the merger with Group Nine. “Above all, our approach is anchored in creating dedicated spaces that live within a larger and more robust, intentionally inclusive ecosystem as part of our broader publishing strategy and Juntos is a clear example of our New Mainstream approach, which goes beyond Total Market and leads with authenticity, a modern culture-first approach, and is intentionally inclusive and showcases Vox Media’s dedication to building true consumer equity.”


POPSUGAR is the #1 most-engaged with women’s lifestyle site in the U.S. [Comscore, July 2021]. The brand reaches young women through its positive and purpose-driven content across multiple platforms, spanning entertainment, fitness, style, and shopping. POPSUGAR is part of Vox Media, the leading modern media company.