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Neighborhood Flavor. Presented by Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey.

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Consider this a friendly introduction.

There’s nothing quite like that chance encounter that turns into a friendship. That casual meetup that leads to a revelation. The fact that, often, you can really get to know a person just by seeing where they live and swapping casual stories over a good drink. Jack Daniel’s is proud to call Lynchburg home, and just as proud to be shared in so many homes, in so many neighborhoods across the country.

In the Neighborhood Flavor series, we traveled to 6 cities to explore local communities and gain insight into what makes people there proud of where they live. It was an unforgettable trip, and that’s something we can all drink to.


Ethan White

Meet our host, Ethan White. Ethan is a photographer, who is passionate about capturing real people in the environments that shape who they are. In a former life, Ethan was a pro-soccer player, so it’s not surprising that he’s always active and on the move. His latest adventure? Swapping stories over a glass of Jack Honey in six distinct neighborhoods.


The Bronx

Designer and creative consultant Jerome Lamaar coined the term “Bronx Luxe” to capture a particular style born out of his home borough. He describes it as a luxury-meets-street movement, and he’s definitely on to something. In this episode, Ethan met up with Jerome to explore his corner of the South Bronx and see what that stylish neighborhood flavor is all about.

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For years, Venice Beach has been a hub of counterculture movements and fringe sports that ultimately spread to the mainstream. There’s something about the boardwalk energy, the Los Angeles sunshine, and the Venice neighborhood attitude that allows a colorful array of subcultures to thrive side by side. In this episode, Ethan got to know Nick Ansom, the founder of the famous Venice Basketball League, and brought his best pickup game to the court. This little corner of Venice packs a whole lot of flavor.

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Detroit is home to a multifaceted and complex arts community, one that includes a diverse array of mediums, backgrounds, galleries, and DIY initiatives that extend well beyond the oft-repeated urban renewal narrative. In this episode, Ethan got to kick it with the Art Babes, an artist collective that’s making waves in the local scene with no intention of leaving. For these Detroit women, where they’re from is what they’re made of.

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Geek culture doesn’t always top the list of things Atlanta is known for, but, as it turns out, it should. Atlanta is a production powerhouse for movies and videogames, which fosters a culture of premiere experts in fantasy, adventure, cosplay, and gaming. Ethan made his way to Atlanta and met with a geek culture expert, a costume maker, and some serious makeup specialists to learn firsthand what Atlanta nerds out over.

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Houston wasn’t always cited by critics as a food mecca, but thanks to its diverse makeup and daring chefs, the city has become a fixture in the country’s culinary landscape. Ethan took a food tour with Chris Shepherd, one of Houston’s most well-known chefs with a unique philosophy when it comes to restaurant patronage: he doesn’t want you to return to his restaurant until you’ve eaten at somebody else’s.

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Welcome to Lynchburg: home to every single drop of Jack Daniel’s and so much more. Here, a community of people come together over rich local history, family traditions, craft expertise, and the beauty of small town southern life that attracts visitors from all over the world. Ethan got the family treatment in Lynchburg, where he swapped stories on the front porch and took some time to stop and smell the whiskey.

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