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2016 Year in Review The Verge

The Verge

The Verge's 2016 Year in Review

The Verge turned 5 and relaunched its brand with a lightning-fast new site and new look across all platforms. As editor in chief Nilay Patel puts it, the “entire team is built around finding the biggest stories in tech, the biggest stories in culture, and the collisions between those two things. … [They’re] hyper aware of all the platforms we publish to and how to make stories work best on those.” This year, that included the first 360-degree interview with first lady Michelle Obama, a new Facebook-first gadget blog called Circuit Breaker, the first 360-degree live stream on YouTube, the official Mr. Robot Digital After Show, a huge activation at the Panorama festival, and another year of record-setting audience growth.

  • New York Times: If Circuit Breaker is an ode to a simpler time in consumer technology, it also offers a clear audience to advertisers: people who are explicitly interested in buying things.

  • Nieman Lab: As The Verge turns 5, its thinking about building a news site for the distributed age

  • The Week: First Lady Michelle Obama gave The Verge her first virtual reality interview, and the topic was appropriately hip how to be cool on social media.

  • Winner, Best Use of Multimedia in Storytelling, Digiday Publishing Awards: Apple Watch Review



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The Verge Turns Five, Looks to 2021

"We built our entire team around distributed publishing," editor in chief Nilay Patel told Nieman Lab on the brand’s fifth birthday. The striking redesign offers a much faster mobile experience and new ways to feature the beautiful output of a growing video operation. It launched with a nine-part series on how we will live in 2021 featuring pioneers in AI, gene editing, and digital activism.

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Introducing Circuit Breaker, the World’s Best Gadget Blog

The launch of Circuit Breaker brought the best of classic gadget blogging into a new off-platform world. Created to be Facebook-first, "the world’s best gadget blog" covers fast-growing new categories like drones, virtual reality, and the Internet of Things. It has become known for viral short videos and short blog posts that are regularly top popular subreddits.

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The Verge Hosts Official Mr. Robot Digital After Show

The Mr. Robot Digital After Show Hosted by The Verge was a live weekly online series that dove into the real cybersecurity exploits behind USA Network's critically acclaimed hacker drama Mr. Robot. Airing directly after Mr. Robot, the aftershow attracted almost 500K viewers on Facebook Live and was chosen as a finalist for the Cynopsis Digital Model D Awards, Best Live Series.

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The Vergecast Live at CES 2017, Only on Twitter

The Verge and Twitter announced a new partnership to produce and stream "Vergecast Live at CES 2017," three special live programs produced and hosted by The Verge from CES in Las Vegas, and livestreamed exclusively on Twitter.

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The Verge Lands First VR Interview With Michelle Obama

The Verge visited the White House for the first 360-degree video interview with first lady Michelle Obama. The interview was viewed more than 1.2 million times on Facebook alone.

Watch the interview from The Verge

The Verge’s First Live 360 Video on YouTube

The Verge broadcast the first live 360 video in the history of YouTube when it hosted a concert by the artist D∆WN in April at Coachella.

Watch the show from The Verge

Tune In: Weekly Verge Update on MSNBC

Live from The Verge’s New York City office, Verge Update launched on MSNBC, bringing the brand’s experts on air for a 30-second breakdown of the day’s technology and culture news.

Watch the Verge Update on MSNBC

Now on Instant Articles and AMP

The Verge reached new mobile audiences by delivering its content as fast-loading Facebook Instant Articles and Google Accelerated Mobile Pages. It also partnered with Apple for the launch of Apple News notifications with the debut of iOS 10.

The Lab at Panorama

A media partner for the inaugural, boundary-pushing Panorama Festival in New York City, The Verge brought a virtual reality theater and seven interactive digital art installations to festival attendees. The accompanying digital series profiled local artists who examined the intersection of music and technology in their installations.

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