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Join The Verge at CES 2017

Join The Verge at CES 2017

In 2017, The Verge’s signature editorial coverage of CES will be complemented by branded content opportunities from Vox Creative, our team of expert storytellers for brands.

Branded Opportunities

At this year's CES in Las Vegas, NV, we're offering brands the opportunity to plug into the fun.

Your brand can become the talk of the town by partnering with us to create an on-site immersive experience that participants won't forget. We'll connect your brand with tech's biggest decision makers who are attending the event. Then we'll share intelligent, thoughtful video, photos and articles on your setup with The Verge and Circuit Breaker's audience of over 27M techies.

Hero Speed Run

The madness of Vegas. The crowds of CES. Only your product can make the experience better.

Vox Creative will challenge CES attendees to race around Las Vegas against a competitor to complete tasks — get across town to a meeting; find a person in a crowd; even secure dinner reservations — with a secret weapon: your product.

The resulting video will showcase just how your product can help make sense of the madness at this year’s CES and improve the experience for everyone.

Circuit Breaker Spotlight

Shark Tank meets Carpool Karaoke, where gadget makers and CES attendees have a limited amount of time to pitch your CEO or business lead on their ideas -- all while driving around Las Vegas in our branded car.

Each pitch will take the form of 30 second to 1 minute snackable videos that will be perfect for Facebook during and in the immediate days following the convention.

CES Show Tour

This is what you can’t miss at CES 2017. Using our proprietary mapstack format, we pinpoint the hottest events, vendors, parties, and other can’t miss happenings at CES 2017.

We can even integrate your brand’s hot new product launch into the list. Our map will take you inside the convention hall as well as onto the Las Vegas strip to provide our audience with an interactive and mobile-friendly break down of how to experience the hottest tech conference with your brand.

Contact us to learn more about how you can join The Verge and Circuit Breaker at CES 2017.