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Vox Media Values

Vox Media Values

Cultivate passion

We love what we do, and we empower our colleagues to give their all. Challenge yourself. Own it!

Be inclusive

We believe it’s a moral and business imperative to cultivate diversity. Seek new perspectives. Be inclusive in your work and your behavior.

Be ambitious

We are ambitious, unapologetically. Embrace your competitive spirit and desire to excel when it counts. Don’t wait for opportunities to come to you. Be resourceful. Make things happen.

Collaborate well

We are inspired by and trust in the people with whom we work. We grow stronger through shared knowledge, resources, and common goals. Work together to make Vox Media better.

Demand quality

We hold ourselves accountable and hold our teammates to high standards. It takes effort and clear priorities to make quality happen. Ask for help when you need it. Provide help when asked.

Respect all

We respect our audience, our partners, our colleagues, and our competitors. We respect individual voices and identities. Listen with an open mind. Practice empathy. Avoid arrogance.

Take risks

We move quickly to innovate. We take informed risks, learn from our experiments, and talk honestly about our actions. Iterate to improve.

Thrive on change

We stay agile amidst the changing media and tech landscape. Be flexible, fail fast, and keep improving. Don’t fear change — embrace it.


We celebrate our achievements and our efforts. Give recognition to coworkers. Take a moment to enjoy wins.