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Vox Creative expands its video offering for advertisers with The Explainer Studio

Vox Media’s in-house branded content practice evolves and accelerates its fastest-growing content offering

Today, Vox Creative, our award-winning branded content practice, announced the expansion of its latest video offering for brand marketers: The Explainer Studio. Operating within Vox Creative from Vox Media’s New York City office and studio space, The Explainer Studio will leverage insights from our house of brands, as well as the explainer video format pioneered by our news site, Vox, to create signature Explainer-style content for brands.

“The Explainer Studio enables our advertising partners to achieve editorial-level depth of quality at newsroom speed and scale, through Explainer videos that go deep into a subject matter with authority, unparalleled expertise and beautiful creative,” said Vox Creative General Manager Armando Turco.

The Explainer Studio is open to marketers, collaborating with partners to translate everything we understand about human curiosity and passion, storytelling that goes deeper, and building massive and engaged audiences across platforms. The team has launched explainer videos including the genesis of NFL Fantasy Football in partnership with the NFL, why people indulge in ice cream in partnership with Ben & Jerry’s, and the magic behind Spotify’s algorithm, with audiences spending, on average, close to five minutes with Explainer videos.

“Discover Weekly had become our most successful product innovation and our community of fans were asking how the algorithm gave them such eerily accurate personal recommendations,” said Alex Bodman, Global Creative Director at Spotify. “The Explainer format was kind of perfect for answering that need as part of a larger campaign and Vox Creative took a complex algorithm and made it digestible. We were hopeful for strong results, but the content did even better than we expected in terms of driving adoption and awareness.”

With Turco at the helm, Vox Creative has also named award-winning branded content producers Graham Nelson and Lloyd D’Souza as Creative Director and Executive Producer, respectively, to lead The Explainer Studio team in unearthing the complex, multifaceted, or mysterious stories every brand has to explain.

“We work with our brand advertising partners to unearth these stories, and expand and explain them, through killer design, quirky animation, texture, personality, curiosity, and the special sauce that makes it completely customized,” Nelson said.

Graham Nelson oversees The Explainer Studio creators, and often makes cameos in the videos, like this Ben & Jerry’s Explainer.

The Wall Street Journal raved about The Explainer Studio videos, which they described as “designed to satisfy marketers who are hungry for video content to carry their messages across social media networks and elsewhere.”