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Vox Earns 3 News and Documentary Emmy Award Nominations

Estelle Caswell and Johnny Harris Nominated for Second Consecutive Year

Here’s some exciting news: Vox has been nominated for 3 News and Documentary Emmys. The nominations were announced today by the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, and mark Vox’s second consecutive year earning Emmy nominations.

This year, Estelle Caswell’s Earworm series was nominated twice for “Outstanding New Approaches: Lifestyle and Culture” as well as “Outstanding Graphic Design and Art Direction,” with assistance from animator Juan Bedolla. Vox’s Johnny Harris returns this year as well, nominated in the “Outstanding Video Journalism” category for his incredible work on the first season of Vox’s Borders series.

In Caswell’s Earworm series, the now twice-Emmy-nominated Vox producer takes viewers on a musical journey to discover the stories and sounds beyond their favorite songs, exploring everything from how a recording-studio mashup shaped ‘80s music to the sound that connects Russian composer Ian Stravinsky to Bruno Mars. Subscribe to watch, listen, and discover more about your favorite songs, and why you love the music you love, here.

Harris’ Borders series was announced in October 2017 and investigates life at the edge of nations. In the series’ first season, twice-Emmy-nominated journalist and producer Johnny Harris reports from six borders around the world, from The Dominican Republic and Haiti to North Korea and Japan, examining the human stories behind physical and political borders, and how the lines used to apportion the planet play a decisive role in the past, present and future of millions of lives. In April, Harris announced Borders would return for a second season, with the first episode kicking off in Hong Kong on July 18. In addition to watching on Vox’s website and YouTube channel, you can also follow everything publishing from Borders and the most up-to-date content from Harris on the new Vox Borders Facebook Watch Page.

Vox’s video team continued to make major strides in 2018, competing with larger networks and publishing giants in its commitment to producing high quality videos that captivate curious audiences.

Watch all of Vox’s videos on their website and Facebook, subscribe to their YouTube channel, and watch the first season of Explained on Netflix streaming now!

Huge congrats to the entire Vox team - we are so proud!