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Eater Channel Launches on Roku

Over the course of 2020, Vox Media will launch new experiences throughout the OTT ecosystems across its family of networks

Vox Media is excited to announce its new Eater channel on the streaming service, Roku, in partnership with Hilton Hotels and Resorts.

The Eater channel will include hundreds of episodes from ten different series developed by the network — Prime Time, Omakase, How to Make It, Kitchen Gadget Test Show, Cooking in America, Travel Eat Repeat, Halo Halo, You Can Do This, K-Town, and Dining on a Dime — highlighting the best of Eater’s exclusive access, immersive experiences, and authoritative voice. The Roku channel will be the first among many to carry Eater’s content. In early 2020, Eater channels will be available on Apple TV, Fire TV, and Android TV as well.

As the exclusive partner of Eater’s launch on Roku, branded content from Hilton Hotels & Resorts, created in partnership with both Eater and Vox Creative will be featured on the channel – including special drinks-focused curated playlist of videos related to cocktails, Eater Drinks, running through the end of the year.

Eater has grown into the leading voice in the food media space with its passion for great food and great stories spanning digital and social platforms, audio, and television - including No Passport Required, Eater’s PBS docu-series with host Chef Marcus Samuelsson, celebrating America’s diverse immigrant food traditions, and a multi-year, multi-series deal with Hulu.

This expansion onto OTT platforms is a natural development for Vox Media, building on the millions of followers and billions of minutes watched across YouTube and Facebook. Vox Media is committed to creating the best video products to match its other editorial offerings, serving audiences in ways that match their passions and reaching them everywhere they are. Over the course of 2020, the modern media company will continue to launch new experiences throughout the OTT ecosystems across its family of networks.

Download the Eater channel on Roku today and watch for free.