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Vox Media’s Epic offers marketers a chance to win a story hunt at Cannes

Enter to have the award-winning Epic storytellers uncover your brand’s powerful true stories

This week, at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, Epic, a division of Vox Media Studios announced its first ever Story Hunting Contest, offering up an opportunity for advertisers and brand marketers to enter for a chance to win a story hunt — a chance to find the true voice behind your brand.

A brand is only as good as the stories it can tell. A powerful story can bring to life a brand’s mission and demonstrate real-world impact. Stories inspire us, resonate deeply and motivate action.

Great stories, like great products, build morale, galvanize great talent and drive a business forward. But often, the most impactful stories can be elusive. They can’t be scripted or whiteboarded — they must be hunted.

Epics’ story hunters are a band of investigative reporters that roam the world in search of real stories that demand to be told. Stories that win Oscars, take you to the moon and move consumers and corporate citizens alike. See more examples and learn more about the contest by visiting:

Epic Co-Founder Joshua Davis and the story hunting team have applied this approach to brands including GE, Google, & IBM, resulting in films, video series, books, and brand building content that illuminates core values, connects deeply, and solidifies a legacy.

How to Enter

To enter, brands must answer a single prompt ‘What’s the untold story of your company that you wish someone would uncover and tell?’ before the deadline of Monday, July 1.

The submission with the most unique story behind it’s brand, whether it is the story of how the business started or what it does for customers, will be announced as the winner on Friday, July 19.

What your brand will win

We’ll get to know each other. How we work, how you work, and what you need to do. Then our Epic Story Hunters will discover and unearth the true stories that reflect your company’ spirit, mission and ethos.

After the Story Hunt, Epic will present the stories with ideas for how each could come to life to retell and revitalize your company’s ethos, mission and value proposition, whether that is a book, a movie, a film, a contest, a comic, a speech - or more.

About Vox Media

Vox Media is the leading independent modern media company. Known for building the best media brands and the technology that enables them, we are committed to building a better future for the industry — and getting the future of media right. Vox Media’s editorial networks include Vox, The Verge, SB Nation, Eater, Polygon, Recode, and Curbed. Our diverse storytelling and advertising businesses include the Concert publisher-led marketplace, the Vox Creative brand studio, the Chorus publishing platform, and the company’s entertainment division Vox Media Studios, which includes the Vox Media Podcast Network and Epic.

About Epic

Epic was founded by journalists Joshua Davis and Joshuah Bearman in 2013 to publish extraordinary true stories that get noticed. Based in California, Epic works with Fortune 500 companies like Google and IBM to provide brand insights and more than 40 of our articles have been optioned by Hollywood, including Argo, which won the Academy Award for Best Picture. Epic’s first television show, Little America, is forthcoming on the new Apple streaming service later this year.


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